Process Service Services fees:

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  • Local Basic routine service of process – starting @ $70.00 (Depending on your documents being served and location)
  • Out of Town routine service of process starting @ $125 includes mileage (Depending on your documents being served and location)
  • Priority – 1st attempt within 48 hours and a minimum of every 2 days thereafter -$90
  • Rush, per service, per document -$125.00
  • Additional documents served at same time & place -$30.00
  • Writs, Levies Wage Garnishment -$350.00
  • Stakeout time, if required and authorized by client -$65.00 per hour (maximum 4hrs)


Basic Service of Process fees includes 3 attempts at locations and times of your direction. You supply good data on the party you want served such as work & home address, hours at each location, physical description, vehicle description. We telephone you after each attempt, and when documents are served, mail proof of service to you as well as the court. Personal delivery to the court or you, is available. Prices Varies by destinatio. Some courts don’t accept same delivery, make sure you check your court in your City/County. Payment by Cash “ONLY” payable at time of hire. I’m always available to answer any questions and cater to your needs.